Super TextTwist

Super TextTwist

Super TextTwist is a letters puzzle game to form words
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Super TextTwist is a game that challenges the player to make as many words as possible based on the letters the program displays each time.
Super TwistText helps to practice vocabulary. The game is a letters puzzle where the letters are suplied by itself and invites the player to form words out of them. All the levels and supplied letters are good for creating known words. The game takes care of the truthfulness: there always are words that can be created using the displayed letters.

If player uses all the letters to form a true existing word, the game passes to the following level with another letter set and so on. Each higher level comes with more words to make, so it is more difficult to pass it over.

When player gets stopped (if ever), with no words to make, the game offers a hint when Twist is clicked by exchanging the letters position, so the player can figure out another possible word.

Game options give the possibility of playing with six, six and seven or just seven letter words, as well as the two playing mode: play timed out or play unlimited time.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Very useful game for vocabulary practice


  • There is no way to see the solution when player gets stopped, unless quitting the game
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